Madder Triangles & Panic

Firstly I'd like to say a huge Thank You to everyone who commented and sent me messages of love and support, you really helped me work through an emotional and difficult decision. Last week after announcing to the world that I was going to self publish my new book I sat back and panicked. Doubting that I'd be able to do it as I've been following publishers guidelines for the past 4 years, worrying I'd let you all down and deciding the best course of action would be to hid under a stone. However once I'd calmed down a bit I started to format a plan, I decided that actually the best course of action was to do a test run for the book and to publish one of my old pdf books as a practise piece.

Revealing the secret

This is a cathartic blog post for me, I need to write it to let off steam, it starts off as negative, but ends up being positive and exciting. For the past 18 months I have been working on a second book, its been so top secret that I haven't been able to say a word or drop hints about it. During this time I've met with publishers, waited months for decisions, had fruitless negotiations and been offered several rubbish book deals. At the same time my mental health has suffered, my self published pattern sales have dropped, my social networking has almost become non existent all of which have effected my life in a negative way. Yesterday was the final straw I'm not prepared to put 2 years of

Ooops & Elsa

Ooops - I've just noticed I've been so busy hibernating, baby sitting my grandson and playing with snow that I've forgotten to blog, but don't worry I haven't forgotten to crochet :-) I've also been re-editing some of my old patterns. When I closed NDS in 2015 I decided that all my existing patterns should be in the same standard and format as my future new patterns, so I started editing my back catalogue. I finished the editing all the blankets and books a long time ago, but a lot has happened in 3 years and I'm afraid I got distracted, forgot what I was doing and never finished my re-editing task. So this years new years resolution was to finish editing all my old patterns. The first is El

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