To be or not to be Madder Triangles

In between baby sitting Bert I've been busily working away on my Madder Triangles book re-write. As I woke up this morning I came to the realisation that Madder Triangles isn't a good name for a book, the title doesn't give you any idea what its about, You know, I know, but Amazon has no idea, so I need to change it, but what do I call it?? I know you'll help me decide, or maybe come up with some new idea's, so could you give me some feedback on the names below 1 - Crochet Madder Triangles 2 - Madder Triangles Crochet Designs 3 - Madder Triangles Crochet Patterns 4 - Madder Triangles Crochet I'm getting closer to my self imposed deadline, at the moment I am just under halfway through, this i

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