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By Amanda Perkins.

70 pages

Published May 2018


Madder triangles was originally published in 2013 as a pdf e-book. It was written as pattern support for yarns for my Independent hand dyed yarn company The Natural Dye Studio.

The book contains 8 crochet patterns - 3 blankets, 2 scarves and 3 shawls.


Whilst relaxing on holiday in Italy under olive & pine trees I mindlessly crocheted some triangles.  I loved the way orange colour glowed in the dappled sunlight and how the triangles fitted together, so I spent the rest of the holiday obsessively making orange triangles.


The Natural Dye Studio exclusively dyed yarn with natural plant dyes.

My favourite dye was Madder, it’s an ancient dye and provides the orange/red/brown colour in antique Persian carpets, our madder was stone ground Iranian madder which dyed the most amazing set of orange colours, and it smelt earthy and dusky and was very evocative of the desert.

Each one of the designs (except Icarus scarf) contains at least one madder orange triangle.


The projects are all designed using variations of the same simple crochet triangle motif.

My designs focus on colour rather than texture and technique.

This book aims to excite and inspire you to create your own masterpiece.


Crochet Madder Triangles

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