Mirage is a re-make of a quilt I made in the 1990’s, called Reflection of a Mirage. 
Which was originally inspired by historical Turkish/Islamic city maps. 
The centre panel of the blanket depicts the reflection of a desert city, I can’t remember why there was a reflection, but as I love the way the shapes fit together I decided to stick to the original name and design.

For me turquoise is the colour of the Mediterranean and works nicely with orange which is the colour used in Persian carpets, which also form part of the inspiration.

Mirage measures 53 x 53 inches and is made with a thickish Merino wool, making the blanket soft and snuggly. 

The some of the yarn was hand dyed with natural plant dyes, so please keep the blanket out of direct sunlight to avoid fading.

Handwash in hand hot water using a dishwashing detergent, if its too hot for your hands its too hot for the wool. Mirage will need very careful washing as some of the yarn might felt if it is rubbed too hard whist washing.


Solstice was made as the sample for the pattern which features in my book Rainbow Crochet Blankets




Mirage Crochet Blanket

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